Donald Trump Against Nationwide Marriage Equality

Since he was on the campaign trail, Donald Trump has been a strict opponent of marriage equality. Trump has embraced North Carolina’s HB2, the most anti-LGBTQ law in the United States. Mr. Trump’s Vice President, Mike Pence, became the face of the anti-LGBTQ law after signing a bill allowing firms to discriminate against LGBTQ people. Now that he’s already in office as president, Mr. Trump has threatened to sign what’s called the FADA (First Amendment Defense Act), which would make LGBTQ description nationwide.

Mr. Trump is a serious opponent of marriage equality. Why? Because he says, he’s a traditional guy who opts to support benefits for domestic partnerships instead. Most of the time, the President has maintained his stance on marriage equality.

Trump on Discrimination

President Trump has once said that federal law ought to protect folks from discrimination depending on their sexual orientation. His anti-equality positions have been very aggressively held. The President has showered his support to the First Amendment Defense Act (which sort of promotes discrimination) and refused to support the Equality Act.

Transgender Equality

Amid support for the North Carolina HB2, Trump has said he will reverse former president Obama’s guidelines that transgender students should be treated with respect as well as allowed to use comfort rooms that go with their personal gender identity. Some governors such as Pat McCrory are very keen to make discrimination part of state law. Worse yet, Trump has said he wouldn’t enforce federal legislation ensuring that transgender people get quality under the law.

Although Trump has said time and again that he does disagree with the use of executive actions by Mr. Obama, he himself has shown an increasing appetite for executive orders.

Mr. Trump’s positions on conversion therapy, adoption and anti-bullying are still unclear at this time. However, he has hired two individuals with a troubling history of anti-equality rhetoric. This is another clear sign that his government might actually contribute to a deterioration of discrimination and inequality in the country.