The Controversy Behind Same-Sex Marriage

This is perhaps one of the most controversial topics you could ever start a debate on. Your stand depends to a great extent on your moral, religious and in some cases political beliefs. Those that advocate for and against same-sex marriages all have bases for their arguments. However, in the end, whether it is right or wrong certainly boils down to each individual and how various elements of their lives have shaped their opinions. Let us look at the topic from the perspective of those who oppose same-sex marriages. What do they feel is wrong with allowing these unions?

It denies children one gender of a parent

Well, yes it does. Regardless of the gender of partners involved in the same-sex marriage, the children in the unions will always lack a father or a mother. Clinical psychology would suggest that this will tend to have significant adverse effects on the children’s general long-term welfare. Lacking one of the sexes in parenting often affects kids’ confidence, ability to relate with others, communication and at times that sense of security. Those opposed to the idea of same-sex marriage are always of the view that the union ignores the interests of the child while looking out for those willing to be part of the union.

It does not create families

Historically, marriages have existed for among other reasons, procreation. This happens through the creation of families by a man and a woman. Those opposed to same-sex marriages argue that these unions create what is essentially a sterile union. These marriages cannot create a family and the partners have to bypass natural means to have a child. These have been argued to be extremely expensive at times and thus these unions have a natural tendency to not create families. It thus becomes questionable whether these unions possess any benefits that come with marriage. They are essentially not suitable bases for the development of the family unit.

Could be part of a sexual revolution

There are quite many people and countries opposed to same-sex marriages for various reasons. Some of the front-liners in opposing these unions argue that allowing same-sex marriages could be part of a sexual revolution that could eventually spill over to other evils such as incest, bestiality, and pedophilia. The fact that certain groups could vigorously have their rights enshrined in the law open up opportunities for other groups affiliated with the above-mentioned activities to start revolutions as well. They argue that it is a means that society has employed for long to turn known moral wrongs into protected civil rights.

Imposed on society

As mentioned earlier, the same-sex marriage is highly controversial and people tend to have extremely varied opinions regarding the topic. However, the downside, it is argued, is that once the same-sex marriage rights are recognized, legalized and protected, they are imposed on everyone. This implies that those who see the practice as wrong, such as Christians have to follow the laws protecting the marriages. It is imposed on everyone despite their stands on the issue.