Top Homophobic Countries

Some countries give very little if any for the existence of same marriage institutions. This depends on the prevalent cultures in those countries, the beliefs of those in power and the general perception of society. While gay movements have space to express demands for their rights in certain countries, they simply cannot in others. Some of the world’s most homophobic countries include:


This East African country has recently been in the limelight for passing an anti-LGBT law that sees homosexuals punished to live in prison for their sexual orientation. It is certainly a country where openly gay people do not want to be. There is often open discrimination against gay citizens and the situation has at times deteriorated to the murder of gay rights activists.


This is another African country on the western side that does not tolerate same-sex marriages. According to a recent poll, an overwhelming 97 percent of Nigerians believe that homosexuality should not be legalized. In line with the views of society, Nigerian laws stipulate that same-sex couples will be punished with up to fourteen years in prison and displaying same-sex affection in public is illegal.

Saudi Arabia

Similar to several other countries, Saudi Arabia punishes homosexuals to death by lashes. The country’s law is guided by and follows a strict implementation of Islamic law. The current regime and others before it have banned same-sex unions.


This is another West African country with strong societal stands regarding same sex unions. Recent surveys show that more than 95 percent of citizens in Senegal believe that homosexuality should remain illegal. This has made gay unions illegal and discriminations are pretty commonplace in the country.


The country’s stand on homosexuality is perhaps well known from the previous president’s sentiment to Americans that ‘our country does not have homosexuals like yours does’. Like several other mid-eastern countries. Homosexuality is illegal in Iran and is at times punishable by death. It is yet to be seen whether the current president’s regime will introduce any changes.


The country’s president, Robert Mugabe recently threatened to behead homosexual citizens and termed them as filth. Homosexuality and same sex marriages are illegal in Zimbabwe and the country’s nationals are fully behind their president on this one.


The country has probably had more anti-LGBT occurrences in the last few years than any other country. There have been more than 70 confirmed anti-LGBT related murders in the country over the last five years. Activists are openly banned and discriminated against by their families, friends, and workmates.

The USA also has a few states, North Carolina, Texas, Louisiana and a few more that still have anti-LGBT legislations. The most recent one being NC’s transgender bathroom legislation. However, most of the Arab and African countries shun homosexuality from the basis of prevailing beliefs and support of the ruling regimes. Religion also plays a great role in the illegalization of same-sex marriages in these countries.